A Career as an Ultimate Forex Course Sales Representative




The UFC offers an extremely competitive commission structure.
We offer our sales agents

£50 per signup.

On Average our sales agents achieve 4 signups per day.
They make on average

£200 per day, £1000 per week, £4000 per month, £52,000 per year.

This is just the average. You can make far more than that depending on your sales ability.

We take care of our Sales agents and ensure they are armed with all the information they require to get out on the street, and start selling, confidently and effectively.
We provide free comprehensive online video training for you to boost your sales skills investing in your development.

The best sales Agents are able to achieve 6+ signups on average per day.
We invest in and reward our sales agents well, ensuring they are fully equipped to carry out your job effectively

If you are hungry  and driven to begin earning this kind of money then please scroll down below to begin the UFC Sales Rep Induction process and learn the basic essentials of Forex Trading.




Sales Representative Induction


Welcome to the UFC Sales Rep Induction.
The first thing you want to do is to create your account.
Once you have completed that return to this page to continue the induction.

This introduction will give you the essential basics that you need, to get up and operate as a Sales Rep for The Ultimate Forex Course.


Introduction to the FOREX Market


What you need to know about Forex


The basics of Trading



The Unique Selling Points

1. Teaching students how to Compound their Wealth.


Download this excel spreadsheet showing you the power of compounding a trading account.
Play aroud with it so that you can fully appreciate and understand the power of compounding.
This potential is our first USP and must effectively be communicated to prospects.

Forex traders unlike traditional long term investors do not have to wait many years to compound their capital. Forex traders can compound their capital much more frequently due to the many opportunities the markets offer.



USP 2 - The Power of Leverage


USP 3 - The Power of Automated Trading

After an intensive 2 years of research and programming the UFC has developed its own advanced trading algorithim. When prospective students enroll onto the course, they will eventually gain access to an automated trading system that will make consistent profits month in, month out.
Proof and statistics will be provided for sales reps as marketing material.

The Power of Compounding your Money in Forex Trading

The Power of Compounding your Money in Forex Trading



For a full list of all the USP's and benefits for prospective students, Please see the front page of the course website