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The Ultimate Forex Course




Revolutionary Forex Video Course

Revolutionary Forex Trading Video Course

High quality video content that will teach you all you need to know to get up and start making money trading Forex. Online 24/7 from wherever you are in the World.



Members Only Premium Articles

Premium Member only Articles

When you become a Wealth Builder Ultimate Forex Course Member, you also get access to our Premium Articles, covering Special advanced Trading strategies, psychology, and special offers.


High Quality Video Lessons

Forex Trading Course

Our Revolutionary Forex Online Video Course will teach you EVERYTHING you need to know to get up and start making money trading Forex.  Our online video course covers all angles with quality high material.



Technical & Fundamental Analysis

Forex Technical Analysis Course

We teach you the best Fundamental and Technical Analysis High Probability trading setups. That will give you that edge trading the markets. Our Technical analysis lessons are applicable not only trading Forex, but in any market, Stocks, Commodities, or Currencies.



Solid Trading Psychology

Trading Pyschology Course

Trading Psychology is an  essential aspect of learning to be profitable in the markets. Our revolutionary Forex Online Video Course will give you the mental strength and power to be cool at all times.



Lifetime One to One Email Tutorship

Lifetime One to One Email Tutoring

When you become a Wealth Club member, you not only gain access to all the above. You also gain a partnership with a 20 year veteran Trader. Who will be there to answer your every question. This alone is priceless.

Market Summary for Key Events

Market Summary for Key Events

We will give you the heads up for Major events that can trigger Massive Trends. We are high probability Traders. And will teach you how to spot High Probability Trading Opportunities.

Lifetime Future Updates

Forex Trading Course Updates

Free lifetime access to our updated content. We continually improve on perfection. Adding new content to our Revolutionary Forex Video Course, Articles, Goodies, Tutorials and Ebooks. All available when you become a Wealth Builder Member.

Life is too short...







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"The 8th wonder of the world.

He who understands it, earns it.

He who doesn't. Pays it."



The Power of Compounding your Money in Forex Trading

The Power of Compounding your Money in Forex Trading


Traders trade to compound their wealth.

We will teach you precisely how to do

that from anywhere in the World.

Click the image below to download our

Free excel Compounding Calculator

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What You Get in Your Lifetime Membership

on The Ultimate Forex Course

 Here is a BREAKDOWN of our

Lucky 9 Unbeatable Benefits


The Most Comprehensive, Advanced yet easy to follow Trading Course in the World!

Our Online Trading Course is like no other!

Our online forex course is CONSTANTLY updated on fundamental knowledge, technical analysis and strategies as and when market behaviour changes.


The Latest Trading Strategies, Old and New!

Market conditions change therefore strategies change! No other trading course will tell you that a simple truth. Therefore we always share with you the latest trading strategies that work NOW, not last year or 10 years ago.


Essential Bonuses and Tools for *Metatrader! (*The program you will trade on) 

Tools for MetaTrader that you will not find anywhere else, that will boost your manual trading immeasurably. We have the largest library in the world of EA's and Indicators that ACTUALLY WORK, and are not a waste of space as most are. We have vetted them and created the Ultimate library of useful tools & goodies to BOOST your trading.


Expensive Trading Ebooks for FREE!

Earning yourself a quality financial education can cost a fortune if you mix with the wrong crowd and are not in the loop. Join our Club, and you will recieve the highest quality financial ebooks for FREE! This alone is worth thousands of £$€£$€£$€!


Exclusive Wealth Club Member only Articles!

As Markets evolve and change, so DO WE. We adapt our strategies according to market behaviour. Our articles are at the very latest cutting edge in Trading, Analysis, Strategy, and Psychology. You will be in good hands when you jon.


One on One Email Support!

When you join our club, you will recieve unlimited One on One email support. Your very own trading personal advisor. Recieving 1 on 1 tuition anywhere else would cost several thousand £/$/€



Remember, the price of this course is not a monthly, nor an annual fee. It is for LIFE. Therefore, ALL new material that is added month on month, year on year will be accessible to you. Take the cost of the lifetime subscription and divide it by say (on average of) 50 years that most of us have left to live, and the monthly subscription cost to this site becomes a mere 16 CENTS per month! Can you afford NOT to be a member?



On completion you will recieve a digital Certificate to show that you are a certified and qualified trader!


The World of Automated Trading Robots!

Once you have mastered manual trading, we will introduce you to the world of automated Trading. Sound interesting? Oh it is! Join us now below to embark upon your new and exciting adventure into Financial Freedom where you will learn about making money 24/7 while you sleep. The UFC Trading Algorithim makes CONSISTENT profits. ENROLL BELOW and YOU too will gain access to it.

The Power of Compounding your Money in Forex Trading

The Power of Compounding your Money in Forex Trading

Unbeatable Bonuses!


Besides the fantastic Video Classes, we've partnered with popular Trading Guru's to bring you these famous titles in Ebook Format. You get these absolutely FREE when you signup for our Wealth Builders Online Forex Course!



$1000 USD!!!





What do our Students say?

Fantastic Course, this changed my life, thank you Wealth Builders! I cannot highly recommend this Online Forex Course enough. Superb email support, providing the highest quality advice.

Beth A. - 19

Tired of the day job, I was looking for an alternative way to make money and travel the world. I'm not sure if I am a natural at this (Trading) or if I'm just lucky, but after taking the course I was already making more money from my own PC chair within 2 months than a year of working my regular job at Tesco

Andy P. - 43

I was looking for a way to make money on the internet, I knew that modern technology is transforming the ways people can make money. I discovered the Wealth Clubs Online Forex Club. Now I average 10-20% per month!

Amrit K. - 28

I started College recently, but I just wasnt enjoying my course. I found the Wealth Builders Forex Course and havent looked back. I've started small but I am consistently making profit thanks to Ben's help! Hes fantastic!

James E. - 19

Sick of my job, I was working for 10 years in the transport industry. Unfulfilling is not the word! I am so glad I discovered this course. It was fascinating and I am satisfied with the returns I am making. I no longer have to slave like a dog for a measly income!

Peter A. - 47

Fantastic Course, this changed my life, thank you Wealth Builders! I am eternally grateful for what you've done and taught me. I make more money now so easily online that I could ever do in a physically demanding and stressful day job

Robert A. - 65

I chose the WC's Online Forex Course over others because they came across as genuine, direct and honest. And I very much appreciate that attitude.

Melissa P. - 38



The Ultimate Wealth Builder Forex Online Course

The Ultimate Forex Trading Course
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